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Have a wedding fit for the Queen…

As we all know, this week is host to one of the most patriotic celebrations of the year, The Queens Diamond Jubilee tour. Leicester has already been flying the flags and hanging the bunting around the city in true British style. So why not take inspiration from this enormous and recognisable public event and use it to be creative with your big day! Here are a few handy hints and tips to get you started!

If you’re proud to be British and want to use your heritage as the perfect theme for your big day then why not use a classic, or if you prefer the more modern look, a new BMW Mini to transport you to the altar! You can select from an array of colours, perfect to match colour schemes, and some Mini’s even have the Union Jack painted on the roof! Perfect for a little touch of quirkiness on your special day!british wedding theme at maiyango

Or if you’re feeling more extravagant then why not hire a big red bus to transport your guests or yourself on the big day! It’s a perfect solution for transporting large groups of people and adds another touch of uniqueness to British themed wedding.

Decorating your venue is always an important part of the day, and while we’re maintaining the British theme then it would be a perfect solution to use Bunting and Union Jack flags as well as the famous Red, White and Blue colour scheme. The bunting could be hung around the location, around tables, along walls and even from window sills, whilst making use of the Union Jacks as table covers, napkins and wall hangings.british wedding theme at maiyango

These are just a few ideas you could use just to get you started, the options are endless and will give your big day that special British touch.