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Make your big day eggcellent!!

As we all know, Easter is nearly upon us! That time of year when we can tuck into those tasty chocolate eggs and yummy hot cross buns and not feel too guilty about it! So why not embrace this time of year and use it as inspiration for your wedding planning, for that extra touch of uniqueness, here’s a few suggestions to set you off.



Help your guests get in the swing of Easter this year and save yourself some money at the same time by using hard boiled eggs as place names. Although it may not sound too glamorous the end result is sure to be a creative success and will definitely be a conversation starter between guests! If you’ve got some spare time in your hectic schedule of planning and organising or maybe you just want a break then this idea could be the perfect escape. Firstly you will need a list of your guests with names and totals of guests attending, then pop to your local shop or supermarket a buy enough eggs so each guest will have one (and maybe a few spare just in case). After returning home pop the first batch of eggs in the pot to hard boil them which should take approximately 15 – 20 minutes. After having boiled up your first batch put the next load on to boil then get started on your stress-free painting! You can choose from a variety of designs and maybe give each egg a personal touch if you know your guests particularly well, or for those of us with a not so steady hand just use stencils, stickers or transfers to add their name, the options are endless!

easter wedding at hotel maiyango

Let’s not forget the younger guests or even the young-at-heart guests on your big day. Keeping them entertained can be tricky but keeping in with the Easter theme can provide opportunities for fun activities. Why not set up an Easter egg hunt around the reception venue that guests of all ages can take part in and enjoy together! This will then take the pressure off you running around on your big day and meeting and greeting your many guests all at once! And if you’re feeling that extra bit daring then why not try an egg painting competition and get everyone involved from grandma to grandson, it’s sure to be a hit!