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Rain rain go away…some quick tips for dealing with those surprise spring showers on your big day and if it’s a little bit chilly!

Picture this…. it’s your big day, everyone who’s anyone is attending and because its springtime you want a classic wedding surrounded by seasonal flowers full of colour that both you and your guests can enjoy ….but then the dreaded English weather does it again….it starts to rain. Your perfect day is ruined; heels sink in the mud, peoples clothes get wet and dirty and nobody is particularly in the mood to party. Here’s a few quick tips to avoid the gloom and doom of the English temperatures.

Make it a Practical yet fun dress code

As we all know by now the English weather has a key tradition of downpours at the most inconvenient times. Why not add a creative spin on a practical suggestion for your guests…dress code – posh frocks with whacky wellies! This addresses two issues at the same time, guests get to be creative with their choice of wellies and they won’t to worry about ruining their shoes when they step in one of those deep muddy puddles! You could even attach a colour theme of the wellies to match your colour scheme of the wedding…the benefits are endless!

wedding wellies

Get ushers to escort guests indoors with the helping hand of golf umbrellas

The last thing you want is for your guests to arrive in a bad mood because they got caught in the rain outside. So if it’s looking gloomy leading up to your wedding then why not get some ushers to escort guests from their car to the venue with the simple use of an umbrella. This is a quick mood changer for guests and a good topic for their later conversation when they discuss how prepared you were and how thoughtful the gesture was…it’s sure to be a winner and won’t even break the bank.wedding umbrellas


Keep your guests warm

Churches, large buildings and outhouses are always a chilly environment, and on your big day you don’t want you or your guests to be suffering the cold…especially when you’re all inside. A good idea would be to provide chunky knit blankets, everyone from grandmas to grandchildren will appreciate this thoughtful gesture and it will help them enjoy your special time without worrying about their toes going numb. You’ll definitely be the talk of the day for all the right reasons and more.

wedding blankets


Another handy hint to fight the cold would be to place portable heaters in and around the venue, maybe even provide hand warmers for guests on entrance. This way everyone can stay warm throughout, from the tips of their fingers to the ends of their toes!

wedding handwarmers













As every bride-to-be knows, their bridesmaids are a particularly important part of the day (besides the groom of course!)…so obviously we can’t forget them, they still feel the cold too! Without dampening the style of the wedding you could dress them  in some classic looking 1950’s gloves, these double up as hand warmers and as a vintage Audrey Hepburn looking accessory…perfect!! So that’s the hands covered, as for the shoulders….why not get gran to knit them some pretty, ultra fine, soft wool shrugs – this way you can choose the colour and the patterns as well as keeping costs down to a minimum, that’s what we like to call a creative bargain, saving you a few valuable pennies on the big day!

wedding gloveswedding shrugs for a Hotel maiyango weddingAlso if you are looking for a city centre venue with outdoor space we have the perfect solution at Hotel Maiyango. Our roof top terrace has outdoor heating and music speakers to keep the party going whatever the weather!

roof top terrace for a wedding at hotel maiyango

What better way to share your special day with the people you care about most!