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Smart Planning For Your Wedding Day: Getting Hitched Without A Hitch.



Hem of her dress. Bride shoes.


With the beginning of the year being such a popular time for loving acts and popping questions; now comes the time for transformations into Bride and Groom after those New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day proposals.


A beautiful day surrounded by friends, family and loved ones, celebrating you and the person you love; your wedding day will, without a doubt, be special no matter how bold, breathtaking, intimate or simplistic you dream it to be. Anticipation and excitement begin with the planning; the what, the where and all of the details that cluster together to make your day; we have a few little tips, from us to you, that could eliminate a couple of the stresses that crop up along the way.


Make sure it feels like you

You want your day to be perfect; if you both scream lively, fun loving and vibrant, you don’t want any lulls or music that’s going to kill the dance floor, or if you desire your wedding day to be understated, you won’t want flamboyant flowers clashing with your dresses. Whether you’re planning your wedding yourselves or have someone helping you, make sure you’re asking all of the right questions to each of your suppliers, caterers, venues, etc. You don’t want any surprises, so if there’s anything you’d like to know or see or would like explained again, ask; it’s your wedding day after all!


One way to ensure you’re asking all the right questions is to outline 2 or 3 specific aims from the beginning; the things that are most important to you, the happy couple. For example, maybe you want your guests to be thoroughly entertained from start to finish, you may want to consider a singer, musician or plenty of canapés, for those bits in between or arrivals, when you may be busy but you’re guests are ready and waiting. Maybe it’s budget you need to keep to – keep these aims in mind when booking and asking your questions.


Cater for everyone

Allergies and dietary requirements are commonplace today and no one wants an awkward moment, guests not eating, or lets face it the hassle of sorting a catering confusion out on the day, you’ve much nicer things to be occupied with. Avoid this now and gather any such information with your RSVP’s or once you have your final guest list, communicate with your caterer so that you are confident that the food will go down smoothly with everyone.

Here at Maiyango we cater for gluten free, vegetarian and vegan already so please let us know if we can help with any other allergies.



Try before you buy

Unfortunately you can’t entirely foresee how your wedding day will go, however you can ensure that all aspects of your day have been sampled and perfected; one by one tick off that you are happy with how each element will fall perfectly into place, the venue, food, bar, the musician. Your photographer will likely suggest a pre wedding shoot, to see what angles and positions work best for you, in the same vein, visit and experience your venue. If possible, visit while your venue is set up for a wedding so you can really get a feel of what to expect for your wedding day. Sample the food; if part of a hotel or restaurant, then book a romantic meal together and sample the quality of food and service on offer. Sample the bar choice and service given by bar staff; you don’t want guests frustrated by a limited choice of drinks.

A cocktail class in our tasting room with your fiancé and maybe your bridesmaids and groomsmen would definitely be a fun way to sample some of the cocktails that we have on offer at Maiyango!


Get in touch with our dedicated and experienced team at Maiyango to enquire about holding your special day with us, or come along to our wedding showcase on Sunday 23rd April!