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Don’t let the festive season pass you by

Sled With Christmas And Winter Decoration And Snowflakes. Gifts And Presents On Snow With Wooden Background. Chalkboard With English Text Relax

Christmas, New Year and before you know it it’s January again.  There’s much to do, more to organise and not enough time to do it all in!  This is the festive period – blink and it’s gone.


This year why not do things differently, and make sure you aren’t victim to the seasonal panic that takes hold this time of year.  The New Year is coming but it’s not a race to get there, and remember it’s not just Christmas and New Year, don’t let them steal focus, there’s a whole festive season, until we’re into January, enjoy this ‘magical’ time of year.


Even January’s arrival can stir up a little pressure, you haven’t started that diet yet or maybe you haven’t joined the gym by the 1st of Jan!  Take time for yourself and take the pressure off; and start now.  Maiyango invite you to take a breath, slow down, really enjoy and don’t let the festive season pass you by!


Say no to the stress

Let the stress be for someone else this festive period, not only Christmas but the lead-up and New Year and the time in between. It’s a time to be spent with friends and family, and often we leave little time to do just that.  There’s shopping and decorating, cooking and that extra busy push at work before we break for Christmas, when we’d much rather (and should) be relaxing, catching up and enjoying the shopping that we do for loved ones.  


Get dressed up and go out

A good night with friends or family, or even both can give you the excuse to let your hair down and relax over the coming month.  Get away from the wrapping paper, the endless string of lights, the kitchen and the lists and really enjoy yourself.  The Tasting room is a great way to get together, celebrate and do it in a fun, individual and intimate way.


Friends old and new

It’s difficult getting a group together, something every group struggles with and when trying to fit so much into December, well it becomes impossible.  One trend which has grown in popularity over the last few years, largely one would imagine, because it makes a lot of sense, is to meet up in January.  Spread out your season and reasons to be merry and celebrate in the New Year.  We have dates still in January for our ‘Let is Snow’ evenings in our Maiyango Gallery.  Our evenings have been such a success over December.  A winning evening for a festive celebration, even in January.


Make shopping your treat too

Presents, food, decorations, parties, outfits and then sales, so much to shop for.  And amongst the Christmas rush, this is not the idea of a lovely day out for many, however, a necessary evil (or we should say activity).  Enter the New Year and the sales can still be rather manic!  Make your shopping trip into a soothing treat with lunch out to break up your day or a cocktail to finish off your day.  Our cocktails are 2 for £10 all throughout the Christmas period, so make the most of them!


Don’t wait until the New Year to make time for all of the things you enjoy, start now and carry it on into January, Maiyango are here to accommodate your ‘time-out’ whenever you need us.