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Christmas is coming! Are you ready?




So, Halloween is over; the masks and the face paints are away for another year and bonfire night has ended; the pets can relax once more! Autumn brings its share of parties and cause for celebration, however as these events quickly wind up and depart, there is now only one thing on people’s minds; the festive season is nearly upon us!

Now, this may bring joy to your heart or fill you with dread, as it seems the nation is so quickly divided into those ‘early shoppers’ and those who protest ‘it’s not even December!’.  Whichever way you’re swaying, it has to be said, those embracing it now and delving into the depths of Christmas planning are getting themselves good deals and snapping up availability while it lasts.
Christmas and New Year are the mothers of all excuses to have a party, get dressed up, meet up with those friends you haven’t seen since last Christmas, and just generally ‘why not? It’s Christmas!’ treat yourself.

With meals, parties and meet ups with work colleagues, family and friends of all kinds, needing to be arranged, it’s only sensible to get as much as you can booked in early, know where you are going to be and book in others before they’re too busy!
Always quick off the mark, Maiyango has embraced this Christmas spirit and released our Christmas packages, allowing you to get booked in, ease the stress and relieve the rush!
If it’s a work event, then whether you fancy lunch, dinner, or a cocktail class, you’ll be able to find a way for you and your colleagues to relax and celebrate the season in the Maiyango restaurant or bar. A group of friends that don’t really need the excuse or the pals who only manage once or twice a year, might find an evening in the Tasting room is the perfect setting for their gathering. Whatever your plans and needs may be, there’s plenty of choices.


If you’ve Christmas shopping planned over the next month (which you most likely will), make your weekend of shopping a treat for you too and make it a weekend away by staying over.  Alternatively, you may already have your trip planned; regardless there is plenty going on in the rest of Leicester in the lead-up to the Christmas period.


Break up your shopping trip with a stop off at the Winter Food & Drink Festival in November or the Christmas Farmers market just before Christmas.

To announce the beginning of the festive period, (although hopefully, we’ve got you in the mood already), the Christmas Lights will be switched on on Thursday 17th November this year, why not stop in for a warming drink with us before hand.

If you’re visiting as a family, ‘Meet the Reindeer’ is a perfect fit for all, not to mention getting everyone truly into the Christmas spirit!

Whatever you’re doing in the lead up to Christmas, make sure you’re making the most of it and enjoy; the festive season is upon us!