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4 Reasons to think about Christmas in August


It’s around this time of year that we begin to see the first signs that winter is coming, shops putting out their Christmas displays and often receiving an eye roll from passers by  – ‘not Christmas already!?’

However fast forward 4 months and for many, year on year we get to December, approaching Christmas and think ‘why have I not done this sooner!’ Be it be present buying, party planning or sourcing all of the food and drink that comes with that time of year,  there is always something that hasn’t been thought of, has no places available or is no longer in stock.  We are reluctant to accept the end of summer and embrace Christmas this early.  Prior planning can make your Christmas much smoother and definitely does not need to signify the end of your summer.

Here are 4 reasons Maiyango feels it’s ok to get thinking about Christmas in August:



Getting yourself prepared early means you’re as organised as possible for the Christmas period when it does arrive.  Looking for Christmas packages, deals or offers early means you give yourself time to find what you want and make sure you get it.  

In the case of a work meal or night out or corporate event, getting organised and booked in early allows time to get everyone confirmed way before December meaning no last minute emails trying to confirm numbers and times – it’s already booked and organised in advance.


The Early Bird Catches the Worm

A philosophy that can be applied to all areas of life.  Getting in early means you have the pick of the crop.  With Christmas packages being offered from this time of year onwards, you could find that if you wait till you’re feeling festive to think about booking your Christmas Party then you may struggle to find somewhere suitable.  Preparation is key, make sure you get prepared and keep the office happy!


Spread the Cost 

Christmas can be expensive, this is no secret!  Look at what you can do to make sure that November and December are slightly easier months for you and your staff or colleagues.  By getting booked up early, an event can be paid for in advance and will prove one less thing to worry about and one less expense, come the holidays.


Enjoy the season

In the same vein, planning a corporate Christmas event or party of any kind can take some time and some planning.  If this is taken care of earlier in the year, there is less running around to be done leading up to the holidays, when there are so many additional things to be taken care of.  We’d all love to ease the stress of those last weeks leading up to Christmas, so here’s one step closer. 

The more you do sooner, the less there is to worry about and the more you can sit back and really enjoy the festivities of the Christmas holiday.

We will be launching our Christmas Packages at Maiyango very soon so it’s definitely worth having a look to see if we can help you out and get your event sorted.