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Seasonal Summer Desserts


Summer Dessert

With our unpredictable British summers, you may need a little help in realising that summer is in fact upon us.  We find that using fresh ingredients on offer right now, really helps us to get in the summer mood.  Our Maiyango chefs have been hard at work, putting together our summer menu with some truly delicious desserts to try when you’re dining out in Leicester with us.

Utilising the seasons when creating a menu means we can work with the most delicious and most flavoursome ingredients to create our dishes.  Buying and cooking seasonally encourages you to use and experiment with different flavours that reflect the time of year.  We have put together a quick guide to a few ingredients that the summer months provide.


Strawberries are a much loved ‘British’ summer fruit, very popular at this time of year thanks to Wimbledon.  Be it fresh with cream, softened down into a coulis or baked in a tart, strawberry is a popular flavour for a summer dessert.  However if you wanted to get a little more creative; here are some flavours less widely used that you could try.  Balsamic; a less common ingredient which offers a more savoury flavour goes so well with strawberry, mixing sweet with tangy.   Alternatively, strawberry can also be well placed with rhubarb or mint.  Our chefs have cleverly paired their soft ‘roasted strawberry and buttermilk ice cream’ with the nutty flavours of a ‘peanut butter mousse and amaretto’.


Perfect from the beginning to the end of summer, rhubarb is a fresh distinctive taste with a snappy sourness.  In the early summer, we’re brought ‘forced rhubarb’; a delicacy of West Yorkshire, this tends to be slightly lighter in colour than the rhubarb later in the year which is a deeper, vibrant red.  

Due to its strong flavour, rhubarb can benefit from a little contrast; ginger works well or perhaps the sweetness of cinnamon or honey.  A certain classic dish which may spring to mind here is rhubarb crumble with custard.  For those of you dining out in Leicester this month, this is dish we’re offering on our summer menu, with a little twist here and there, ‘“rhubarb crumble” poached rhubarb, caramelised puff pastry crumble, dehydrated yoghurt, custard foam’.


The very fruit you should be concerned with this month – Blueberry Month!  Really coming into their own, blueberries are literally ripe for the picking in July.  They are packed full of nutrients and antioxidants and are good for cognitive development as well as being particularly tasty in a tart or a muffin.  Our Maiyango Chefs have added their berry goodness into a beautiful blueberry curd, paired with lemon and pistachio – ‘blueberry curd, sable biscuit, lemon, pistachio tuile, yoghurt sorbet’

Other ingredients you may wish to experiment with this season might include mint or basil, both bringing a certain freshness to something sweet or even tart such as the raspberry, also in season right now.  Try our Mango, Raspberry & Chilli Flake Mojito to see how well these flavours mix – chilli flake infused rum, mango puree, raspberry puree, lime, mint and soda top. Yum!