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Leicester Art and Wild Rooftop Graffiti

leicester art graffiti

As you may have heard, Leicester has been doing pretty well in the field of sport lately with their unexpected but phenomenal win in the Premier League; a feat Leicester is immensely proud of and has celebrated accordingly. As the buzz that has taken over the city slowly begins to calm, we felt the need to make our mark of appreciation at Maiyango, for the sporting teams in Leicester.

We have had an amazing local graffiti artist hard at work designing and creating some graffiti on Maiyango’s roof terrace; we have now gained three additions to the Maiyango family. Our impressive graffiti work, depicts the Foxes, the Tigers and the Riders, who proudly gaze down on the city from the heights of the roof terrace. From here all of our guests can join us in enjoying and celebrating this fabulous artwork and the sporting wonders of Leicester with a drink in their hand and a view Leicester city.

The Leicester Art Scene 

Might you be inspired, during your visit, by our graffiti artwork and wish to see what other art and culture the city has in store, we have found a few points of interest which you may find worth a visit. There are so many arty activities that are going on here in Leicester, many within our city’s own cultural quarter, but here are just a few:

If you’re a fan of our wonderful graffiti work then this is definitely one to check out. Richard Wilson, a graffiti artist from Harrow has also seen fit to pay tribute to the footballing success with his 4m by 50m mural. The mural consists of Claudio Ranieri’s, grayscale portrait backed by the colourful Leicester City flag. Having then added ‘Champion’ status after the win in May, this has become a welcomed addition to the city.

The Phoenix is an art space with which incorporates digital technology. Acknowledging that the world is progressing so vastly with the use of technology, the Phoenix embraces this ‘digital culture’ in the art work they display and their exhibitions. Apart from their exhibitions, the centre also provides a two screen cinema, showing both mainstream and smaller budget, independent films, so if you fancy something a little different at the cinema, the Phoenix is the place to try. As a charity they work to encourage learning through their art and hold exhibitions and workshops for children too, perfect if you’re visiting as a family.

If you enjoy a good mix of contemporary and modern art, the New Walk is a large museum and art gallery offering a combination of both. With something for all of the family, galleries for all ages and events on throughout June, the New Walk has a lot to offer.

The LCB, Leicester Creative Business Depot, is located in Leicester’s cultural quarter and is home to a vast array of artists and creative businesses. Their gallery is open weekdays with no admission fee to view some of the work that takes place there.

Whatever you decide on during your trip to this versatile city, our vibrant roof terrace is the perfect place to start, so relax, order a cocktail and enjoy.