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Introducing the New Executive Head of Hotel Maiyango

I am Nick Wilson, the new Executive Head Chef of Maiyango and I am delighted to be here.

I’m keen to share my inspiration for our new winter collection of dishes and ideas I am working on to get your taste buds tingling.

First off, I am extremely pleased to be working within such a diverse city. It was one of the main attractions of joining Maiyango and I am really keen for my dishes to represent Leicester.

Leicester is such a melting pot of people, culture and flavours. It’s fantastic to be able to explore different tastes and cooking techniques and use ingredients that are sometimes hard to find outside of London.

Bring on the veggies…

Like every chef I’m naturally excited to use local produce and quality ingredients. Maiyango already has some really good suppliers that make my job slightly easier.
However what I am really looking forward to is the challenge of cooking for the guests that sometimes get forgotten about.

I’ve been told Leicester has a high proportion of veggie diners. I want my vegetarian and vegan dishes to be as innovative and rewarding for our diners as my other dishes.

Two dishes off the dinner menu that I think represent Leicester really well is the pineapple tarte tatin with coconut sorbet and chilli and lime syrup and the paneer and vegetable balti skewers with sag aloo salad, carrot pickle and coriander.

New Head Chef Nick Wilson  at Maiyango and some of the new vegetarian dishes

New Head Chef Nick Wilson at Maiyango and some of the new vegetarian dishes

The Kitchen Deli Plan

I am working on expanding the range with our resident baker and her trusted apprentice and introducing some tasty, quirky products.

More artisan bread including a gluten free range is on the way. Maiyango chocolates (with 70% cocoa content) and a variety of sweet treats are all part of the plan. Flavours for the chocolate bars that I am working on include vanilla, tangerine, chilli and mint. Expect to see chocolate and lavender tarts as well as apple and saffron clafoutis soon.

Over the next week we will launch the kitchen deli hampers and gift packs. Once I settle in I can’t wait to add a range of signature Maiyango products. I’ll start on a chutney first and will keep you posted..


As I am not from Leicester, I would very much appreciate your help. Firstly if I look lost, wandering around, then please point me in the right direction (back to the Maiyango kitchens) and secondly if you know of any great local producers that you feel we should be using please drop me a line and let me know.

I hope my ever developing menu will continue to surprise and excite you during your dining experience at Maiyango. I eagerly await your feedback.

Let the tasting commence!

Yours sincerely
Nick Wilson