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Restaurant in Leicester, It’s worth the journey

Isn’t it funny how a little bit of rain can ruin even the best laid plans to head out for dinner? We’ve all been there – as the rain drops fall with greater intensity your mind is talking to itself. Is it ok to cancel on your best friend with the tried and tested “I’m feeling a bit under the weather”? Not technically a lie you tell yourself but still not your finest hour. To be fair they didn’t come to your summer BBQ – something about a sick pet – but it would be good to see them and I am getting hungry. Of course I could always cook at ho….haha ok one quick look at the bare cupboards and slightly out of date veg in the fridge quickly ends that idea. But now the wind is picking up as well and you just hate staggering into somewhere looking like you’ve got dressed while still in the shower.

Personally speaking – I think the effort to head out to eat is worth it, but only if you choose the right place to dine. If you put in the effort to pull out a nice pair of heels and remember your umbrella, and the chef makes the effort to prepare you something tasty and exciting, then the whole evening can be a wonderful, and all too commonly missed out on, experience.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have noticed that Leicester is yet again being dug up street by street, car park by car park. Not to find any more distant relatives of Richard III (and subsequently for York to try and steal) but to improve things. Despite the muddy battlefield appearance of our city at the moment, now more than ever really is the time to persevere and get out to your favourite local restaurant.

Here at Maiyango we are doing everything we can to make sure that your effort is worth it. There is nothing more joyous than escaping the rain, walking into vibrant surroundings and getting the admiring glances from those on-lookers who know you look great, despite the turmoil of the weather.
It’s definitely the right decision. You’ve arrived somewhere warm, you are amongst friends and a fabulous evening awaits. Above all you can relax, knowing that X Factor and Strictly will be available on Sky plus later.

Congratulations you little adventurer you!

Isn’t it great when it really works? The moment when the outside world, the worries of work and mundane life seem to disappear.

Sometimes it feels our role at Maiyango is just that, to help our guests shut off and unwind and be able to let their hair down in a hideaway oasis. Food and drink are naturally at the very heart of what we do, it wouldn’t be a dining experience without them, but it actually takes so much more to truly create the complete experience. The right music, the right decor and the right people all combined to create that atmosphere that can be the difference between just escaping the weather to being somewhere truly memorable!

It is our job is to make people feel good and well looked after, to be the catalyst of romance, laughter and escapism through food and drink and the surroundings. Looking at it that way – we really do have one of the most rewarding jobs one could wish for..

That is until we step outside at the end of the night and drenched! I guess escapism is a temporary fix..

Ms Maiyango