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Our flour comes from Leicestershire

Claybrooke Mill

Claybrooke Mill is the only commercially operating water mill in Leicestershire, still milling most days using water power. They produce a range of organic flours and flour mixes, using traditional equipment, some of which is hundreds of years old.

The mill produces consistent high quality flours, used in our breads, and muesli’s, which are part of our continental breakfast. Most of their flours are strong and are perfect for our style of bread production. They mill to order giving us the freshest and tastiest flour as and when we need it.

Claybrooke Mill are certified by The Soil Association and The Traditional Corn Millers Guild for organic production.

Maiyango are offering bread master classes using the finest Claybrooke Mill flours. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact me at phillip@maiyango.com or on 0116 251 88 98.