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Sourcing local produce

Sarah from Saffron Acres
Sarah Field has worked with us for over 2 years, growing high quality produce. Sarah is a great colleague to work with as we have the same love for food.

It’s an unlikely setting for a small agricultural revolution. At Saffron Acres, behind large padlocked gates, on allotment land hemmed in by housing and busy roads, is a green and pleasant plot that brings young offenders, children from local schools and a small but hardy bunch of volunteers together to grow fruit and veg for local businesses and their local community.

Saffron Acres is not new – the project has been running for four years under the auspices of Saffron Lane Neighbourhood Council – but it is at the forefront of a growing movement to put us back in touch with what we eat.

Last time we visited Sarah, she gave us a tour of what their facilities at Saffron Acres offered, pointing out the orchard, the polytunnels for seedlings and salad vegetables, the fruit canes, and the potatoes that were earthed up by the Ellesmere kids that morning. Tufts of green were beginning to appear all around.

Saffron Acres isn’t quite organic, but it is pretty sustainable. They make their own compost, harvest rain water running off the sheds, recycle plastic pop bottles as bird scarers and use complementary planting to keep the bugs at bay.

“I think I’ve got the best office in the world,” said Sarah. “The foxes greet me in the morning, I get to spend my days listening to the birds, growing veg, and working with all these lovely people.”

It’s lovely there, a little oasis.