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King Richard III

Well unless you have been living under a rock, you will no doubt be aware that Leicester has a new celebrity. Well an old celebrity actually – very old in fact. King Richard III’s remains have been found literally a crown’s throw from Maiyango.

This is a pretty huge discovery I think you’ll agree. I mean, yeah sure, it’s not like we’ve found the Temple of Doom underneath Vicki Park and I’m pretty sure that the archaeologists digging up Richard were more concerned about the rain rather than a giant boulder of death rolling towards them but this is a pretty amazing thing that has happened in Leicester. By the way, if those last two references don’t make sense then do yourself a favour – get the Indiana Jones Box Set from HMV on the High Street grab a couple of coffees and gourmet sandwiches from the Maiyango Deli and settle in for a night of pleasure! If those two references do make sense to you, well, do the same thing – Indiana Jones rules!!

Now don’t ask me how this has been figured out but apparently King Richard was a Brummie. While the science behind this claim is well beyond my comprehension, interestingly this does answer another long debated question here in the Midlands – Leicester clearly has food, nightlife and shopping fit for a king compared to Birmingham.

Having laid buried and hidden for over 500 years, Dickie’s skeleton was unearthed just recently and we at Maiynago are both curious and excited. Everyone in our team has a different view on the discovery. Phil – our eccentric exec chef – commented that he had been inspired to try some medieval recipes while Marley in the Deli predicted that Richard would have been a cappuccino drinker rather than the traditional tea of the Royals. One of our street smart Restaurant team asked a good question – given that King Richard was found buried on the site of a car park, does he have a huge fine to pay for overstaying the 8 hours allowed parking or will Leicester City Council let him off?

Sadly we may never know the answers to the questions, but what we do know is that this event will put Leicester in the minds of millions of more people. The news coverage across the nation has already hit huge levels and there is sure to be more to follow as further insights are unearthed. For us proud Leicesterians this just adds further spice and colour to our already great city. We here at Maiyango will be working hard to make sure that we put our own little spin on the discovery so do keep a close eye on our website, twitter feed and facebook page.


King Richard III